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Welcome to MyRRMed
This site is for beneficiary use only. Railroad Medicare providers should register for and use our provider internet portal here.

Developed in 2017, MyRRMed by Palmetto GBA allows you to:

  • Check the status of a claim.
  • Obtain historical Medicare Summary Notices.
  • Review and update the authorized individuals you have allowed to review your healthcare and Medicare billing and information.

MyRRMed Manual is available to print.

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About MyRRMed

MyRRMed is a part of the Palmetto GBA Railroad Medicare website. This is a free, self-service tool that you can use to check the status and details of a claim, as well as to verify that only those individuals you designate have access to your personal health information. You will also be able to view and print historical Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs). Please note: MSNs are generated quarterly, so you may see current claims and their status but not yet have an MSN generated.

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About Railroad Medicare

Palmetto GBA is the Railroad Specialty Medicare Administrative Contractor (RRB SMAC) and processes Part B claims for Railroad Retirement beneficiaries nationwide. Palmetto GBA is contracted by the independent federal agency Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), which administers comprehensive retirement-survivor and unemployment-sickness benefit programs for railroad workers and their families under the Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Acts.


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